After extrusion the next step in the technological procedure is the printing of casings and films as well as bag making of shrinkable films

The SPEKTAR Company offers its customers printing services of up to 8+8 colors, and along with its expert team of designers it is capable of satisfying and meeting even the most complex demands of clients who are dedicated to modern product design that is necessary for the successful sales of goods on the market.

The casings and films are printed on the most modern machines and equipment for pre-press preparation whilst using environmentally and ecologically safe colors that ensure the highest quality and precision of flexographic printing.

And in the final phase of production the SPEKTAR Company shirrs and packs the casings in lengths of 20 to 40 meters in special nets that are 30 to 50 cm in length, which can easily be fitted onto automatic filling machines thus greatly speeding up the procedure of filling the casings with processed meat foodstuffs by the end user or client.




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