Spektar’s BSM is standard high quality all-rounder used for packing of unsmoked scalded and cooked processed meat products or processed cheese. It is designed for long shelf-life products produced in cylindrical shape with glossy surface.


  •  Wide variety of unsmoked emulsion-type sausages, mortadella, ham, liverpate, etc.
  • Ready made products as a soups, sauces etc.
  • Processed non-ripening cheese


  • Good oxygen and water vapor barrier
  • Long shelf life for packed product
  • Good mechanical strenght
  • Diameter stability
  • Wrinkle free sausage surface due to improved flexibility and heat shrinkability
  • No jelly deposits due to good adhesion to meat proteins
  • Resistant to bacteria and mould growth

Caliber range

  • Available diameters from 32 to 188 mm

Color range

  • BSM is available in all color shades from standard color-catalogue

Instructions for use:

  • Immerse the casing in water, temperature 15-25C, for minimum 45 minutes.
  • Stuff the casing 5-12% above the nominal diameter.
  • Apply the standard procedure for heat treatment and cooling.


  • Reccomended conditions: warehouse temperature 15-25C, relative humidity maximum 65%
  • BS-M casings should be stored in original package without exposure to direct sunlight and enviromental conditions.
  • Expiring date: 12 months after production date if stored properly



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