S-Type HB-L



S-TYPE HB-L is 45 microns thick multilayer heat shrinkable high barrier bag based on EVOH as main oxygen barrier material


  • Wide variety of processed and fresh meat without bones, non gassing cheese, frozen fish and sea food


  • High oxygen barrier (ca. 10 cm3/m2, 24h, 1atm)
  • Excellent water vapor barrier
  • Provide long shelf life for packed product
  • Standard shrinkage (32/33%)
  • Standard puncture resistance (15.5N)
  • Overlapped sealing with extraordinary seal strength despite contaminants
  • Outstanding optics with top-notch transparency and glossy surface
  • Chlorine free


  • Great all-round barrier shrink bag, with its puncture resistance it can substitute much thicker competitive materials in applications where high shrinkage is not requested and achieve the lowest leaker rates


  • Place product in bag taking care not to contaminate the part of the bag that will be sealed.Vacuum suction the bag until reaching the lowest possible pressure level, while the operation of the vacuum machine should be adjusted to be able to separate any remaining surplus material.Submerge the bag into water heated to a temperature of 88 - 95 C for a period of 1 - 2 seconds in order to achieve optimal shrink performance. For sensitive products apply lower temperature.


  • Recommended conditions: warehouse temperature 15 - 25 C, relative humidity maximum 65%.Bags should be stored in original package without exposure to direct sunlight and enviromental conditions.Expiring date: up to 6 months after production date, if stored properly.




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